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Wowakin na Konferencji Tak Brzmi Miasto

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We won 2 price in a competition

The Best Folk album of the 2020 year

by National Polish Radio

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Wiązanka (The bunch) recognized as

One of the best World Music albums by Songlines Magazine (March 2021).

Wowakin, Wesołe Mazurki z Pragi

& Justyna Piernik


We play for children!

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Wowakin is a musical triangle. Paula Kinaszewska, Bartłomiej Woźniak and Mateusz Wachowiak carry on instrumental-vocal flirt full of passion, improvisation and surprising ideas. Chemistry between artists, male-female attraction turn into an energetic dialogue between banjolele, violin and polish three-row accordion. Wowakin will take you on a journey to country weddings, crazy suburban dances full of spontaneous, hot energy, night entertainment, vortex of fun and drunken nights. All this is interwoven with bitter songs about passing away, loss and yearning for youth.
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The trio WoWaKin was founded in the spring of 2016.
The three musicians bring together their varied backgrounds in classical, jazz and contemporary music to explore the roots of Polish village dance music.
They energetically raise the spirit of a traditional village celebration, drawing a new generation of dancers into trance-like state through inventive, 
open-ended improvisation on a dynamic repertoire of mazurkas, oberkas, polkas, kuyaviaks, and Polish-style tangos.
It's Polishfolk at its best!