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The trio WoWaKin was founded in the spring of 2016.
The three musicians bring together their varied backgrounds
in classical, jazz and contemporary music to explore the roots
of Polish village dance music.
They energetically raise the spirit of a traditional village celebration, drawing a new generation of dancers into trance-like state through inventive,
open-ended improvisation on a dynamic repertoire of mazurkas, oberkas, polkas, kuyaviaks, and Polish-style tangos.
It's Polishfolk at its best!
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Happy New Year to all of our fans and friends!
We wish you lots of love, joy, happiness and beautiful music in 2018!

2017 has been a great year for WoWaKin with the launch of our debut album “Kraj za miastem’ and beautiful ‘live gigs’ experiences like Womex’17 (check out our photo gallery for Womex pictures and great videos from the concert) 

We’re looking forward with excitement to 2018! We’re hoping it will bring us even more fantastic opportunities to share our music
with the worldwide audience! 


We’re entering new year on the position 10 (increase from no.36 in Dec) of Transglobal World Music Chart (best albums selected by international forum of music specialists). Thank you to all panelists voting for us!

Last but not least, we’ve been selected for the ‘Music of the month’ promotion campaign by RootsWorld! Great pleasure to have such
an opportunity to promote Polish folk in this cult magazine,
dedicated to worldwide music.


Stay tuned for more!

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