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"You wouldn't guess it from the name, but WoWaKin are a trio of Polish musicians playing music mostly from the Radom region of Mazowsze in the heart of the country. WoWaKin
is an acronym of their surnames: Bartlomiej Wozniak (percussion, vocals),
Mateusz Wachowiak (accordion) and Paula Kinaszewska (violin, vocals). They formed

in 2016 and first gained attention via Polish Radio's 'New Tradition' competition, where they won third prize. Kinaszewska, like many of the new generation of traditional musicians, learned from old masters like singer Maria Siwiec (who features on the album) and fiddler Jan Gaca, before he passed away.

They are joined by guests on trumpet and bass, and sound like they could dep easily for
the Janusz 
Prusinowski Trio. Most of the numbers are instrumental mazurkas and

other dances played with exactly the kind of idiomatic swing the music needs. There's
a crazy intensity in the percussion and fiddle playing in 
'Continuous Mazurka Sulgostów', and the closing 'Mazurka Bumblebee'. I suspect they're great at a dance party.
Of the vocal numbers, there's real charm to 'Leć Głosie po Rosie' (Fly My Voice Across
the Dew), a cheerfully sad love song from the Kielce region."

"WoWaKin is versatile and virtuosic - I was floored by their performance at Womex
in Katowice, and their debut album Kraj Za Miastem is excellent too
- I’ll be playing it often on my radio show. Though still quite new to the scene, 
they’re already one of Poland’s best folk-roots bands."

Rob Weisberg

host, Transpacific Sound Paradise
(called New York’s best world music radio show by Time Out New York)

Dan Talmo


Management & Booking

Paula Kinaszewska

+48 501 165 485

Bartłomiej Woźniak

+48 501 086 787

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